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"We are thrilled that we selected Bobby Reynolds and his staff to construct our Biodesign Swimming Pool! We love it and have received so many compliments on it. The development group were terrific and went above and past being careful to not mess up current landscaping and structures across the house. Since this is our first time to build a pool, it was an advantage hiring an area enterprise that is all the time there when you have a query or need assistance.

Is it attainable to build the pool now and enclose it later?

Though it is feasible to construct one outdoors and then build an enclosure later, that could make the project prices substantial. Some individuals will do this to avoid wasting money upfront or full the venture in additional affordable segments.

(e) The perimeter of window frames shall be sealed airtight to the exterior wall development with a sealant conforming to considered one of the next Federal specs: TT-S-00227, TT-S-00230 or TT-S-00153. (Ord. 15802 § 65, 2007: Ord. 14914 § 239, 2004: Ord. 14111 § 110, 2001: Ord. 12560 § 93, 1996. Previously K.C.C. 16.04.05090).

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